Long. Ass. Week.

So. Yeah.  This has been, you guessed it! a long ass week.  BUT TOMORROW IS FRIDAY, LET ME PLAY YOU THE SONG OF MY PEOPLE AND WE SHALL DANCE!

Because this has been such a trashy week, I COMPLETELY forgot to check in with baby boy this week.  So let’s get that out of the way 4 days late!

How far along?  About 18 and a half weeks (I really have to got to get better at doing these on the new week mark…)

Maternity clothes?  Yes.  A couple pairs of work pants.  I need to get some blue jeans, though!  I can’t wear blue jeans to work (we don’t even have blue jean Friday…) BUT, on the weekends I would rather have something that fits other than sweat pants and work slacks.

Stretch marks?   *big giant dramatic sigh*  they are indeed starting to spring up.  Just one or two, but still.  I’m not too worried about it, though.  I’m just going to treat myself like a bad ass tiger.

Sleep: Some nights are better than others.  But I’m peeing an average of 3 times a night which is really unfortunate…

Movement:  I SWEAR I FELT A LITTLE KICK A FEW DAYS AGO.  I was laid back in my chair during lunch with my feet up on my desk when BOOP!  I felt a little spring like movement against my skin.  I haven’t felt anything definitive like that since.  But, sometimes when we are doing the fetal doppler, I can hear his movements.


Gender:  BOY BOY BOY.  We found out on Friday it’s a boy 🙂  His name is Raylan James!  And I’m so madly in love with his little self, I feel like I might explode.

Baby is: Last Friday, RJ weighed in at 7 ounces.  Haha, go baby!  He is going to be a healthy little man.

Best moment this week:  Um…it’s been a really long week.  The best moment of this week hasn’t happened yet but it will on Friday when I walk to my car and roll out.
Looking forward to:  Eating a cheeseburger for supper.  I wasn’t kidding about those cravings.  AND ALSO DECORATING THE NURSERY.  Also, finding out the gender of Tucked Neatly Away and Wife and Mother in One Day baby dumplings!  Can’t wait!!

Gender Reveal!


Today was our anatomy scan!  Baby Clawson is very healthy!  Measurements are good, all the internal organs are where they are supposed to be, placenta was as lovely as a placenta can be…and Baby Clawson was killing me with all the movement!  I drank a glass of orange juice about 30 minutes before the appointment.  At one point, the baby was making silly movements with their mouth, opening and closing it like a fish.  I about killed over from the preciousness.

We also got a pretty good shot of “the goods” and found out gender…drum roll please!!!!


IT’S A BOY!!!!

And proudly displaying his personal bits!

And proudly displaying his personal bits!

We are so excited!  Can’t wait for my favorites, Tucked Neatly Away and One Day at a Time to find out the gender of their doodle bugs as well!

Gender Predictions

Tucked Neatly Away had the absolutely wonderful idea of gathering well known Old Wive’s Tales about determining gender in preparation for her upcoming gender reveal.  I am so beyond excited to find out the sex of our butter beans!  May the next two weeks fly by!


And so, in honor of our upcoming announcements, let’s predict the baby’s gender!

Highs & Lows
 If you’re carrying high, they say you’re having a girl. If you’re carrying low, it’s a boy.
The result: boy
I guess I’m carrying low.  I feel like this is sort of a difficult thing to estimate, especially without having anything else to compare it to…
Heart Rate
 According to legend, 140+ beats/minute indicates a girl, below 140 beats/minute indicates a boy.
The result: girl…although it’s pretty close!
Last check with the fetal doppler was about 142.
Sweet or Sour 
If you’re craving sweets, break out the pink. If you’re cravings are more salty/sour, break out the blue.
The result: boy
Sour…she says as she finishes a pack of sour patch kids…
Chinese Birth Chart
(you can find a chart here)
An ancient method that uses the age of the mother & month she conceived to determine the gender.
The result: girl
Mayan Rule of Evens & Odds
Apparently the Mayans determined a baby’s gender by looking at the mother’s age at conception & the year of conception. If both are even or odd, it’s a girl. If one’s even & one is odd, it’s a boy.
The result: boy
I was 22 at conception and the year was 2013 – one is even, and one is odd!
Acne Indicator
The belief that girls steal their mother’s beauty leads to this theory.
Lots of annoying acne? Thank your little lady. Little to no acne? Way to go little boy!
The result: boy
I have always had TERRIBLE acne.  I mean, the older I get, the worse it gets, which I really feel is desperately unfair…but I will save that for another post.  In any case, I measured this old wive’s tale by determining if my skin was worse or better…it’s gotten better!  
Put A Ring On It
Suspend your wedding ring on a string (or some say a piece of your own hair) over your belly.
If it swings back & forth, you’ve got a little girl. If it swings in a circle, you’re growing a boy.
The result: girl
We did this one a couple weeks ago!  My husband left the yarn on his wedding band for a couple hours…while it was on his finger…
Morning Sickness
The belief that if you suffer from a lot of morning sickness, you’re having a girl.
If you don’t have much, you’re having a boy.
The result: boy
No morning sickness for this mama, thank goodness!  I did have a nasty ’bout of stomach virus, but that was totally unrelated to pregnancy.
The final tally:
It’s a boy: 5
It’s a girl: 3
And the boys have it!  We will have to see how this turns out!  I can’t wait to find out the gender of butter bean and that of Tucked Neatly Away’s peanut as well!
Copy and paste into your own blog!  I’m interested to see everybody’s results!

Checking in at 17 weeks and some change

How far along?  As stated in the title, 17 weeks and some change!

Maternity clothes?  Yes.  Elastic for days.

Stretch marks?   Not quite yet, although I think I noticed one starting near my belly button.  *sigh*  Stretch marks are hereditary and I come by them quite honestly.

Sleep: Meh.  Off and on.  But I usually only get up to pee once!

Movement:  I keep WANTING to say I am feeling movement, but as mentioned in my previous check in, I’m one gassy bitch, so I’m thinking it’s digestive bubbling and not little hands and feet.

Food cravings:  Today I HAD to eat Cane’s.  (Same as Zaxby’s and other chicken finger places.)  I picked up some for me and A after work for supper.  That sauce, though…yesssssssssssssssss.

Gender:  Not sure yet!  Mom is convinced it’s a girl; A is positive it’s a boy.  We have an ultrasound Friday! 😀 😀

Baby is: About 5 inches, head to rump.  And weighs as much as a turnip!  Ain’t that precious ❤  I, however, weigh much more than a turnip…

Best moment this week: Having Monday off.  It.  Was.  Amazing.  I did nothing.  Did I mention it was amazing?
Looking forward to:  GENDER GENDER GENDER GENDER.  I CAN’T WAIT.  I’m trying to NOT get super excited for fear of being insanely disappointed if baby doesn’t show the goods, but I can’t help it.  I get all anxious in my tummy when I think about it…ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lies about pregnancy #1: Your energy will return

Lies about pregnancy…at least, things that turned out to be drastically untrue for this little lady.

LIE #1:  Your energy will come back during the 2nd trimester.


I think this is probably not true for me because I had a bizarrely calm 1st trimester.  I can count on one hand the number of times I felt nauseous and never, ever had morning sickness.  I wasn’t overly sleepy (no more sleepy than a teacher normally is when they get home from work) and beside the ridiculously sore boobs (poor ladies felt like they were being stabbed with knives), I still took pregnancy tests every couple weeks to make sure I was really pregnant…and that was AFTER I heard the heartbeat!  It was just so…calm? Easy? Uneventful?  I know all of those things are good things, but I felt the opposite of how everybody was telling me I would be feeling…specifically the tired part.

I remember my mom asking my dad, “Remember when I would get home from work and take a nap before bedtime?”

My baby book informed me there was no exhaustion like first trimester pregnancy exhaustion.

But I wasn’t extra tired.  Not at all.

Second trimester, however, blew the doors off all that.  It’s like the moment I passed the magical threshold between the 13th week and the 14th week, my body quit.  Sometimes, when I sit in my classroom and look at my students, it takes everything in me to not scrap the plans for the day and instead have a class nap.  NO, I diligently trudge through our 11th grade literature of the day, in the back of my mind wishing that I was taking a nap…and then when I woke up from that nap, I would stretch and yawn lazily…and take another nap.  I have started incorporating as much movement as I can (for me at least) so I don’t nod off…lecture here, walk to the projector there, head over to the light switch and flip it off, back over to the computer to press play on the 5 minute clip, patrol the classroom, truck it over to my desk to write a referral…

Which, conversely, is probably just making me more sleepy.  But at least I’m not actually asleep!  I’m surprised the kids haven’t started counting my yawns…they would be numerous.

Today, during my planning period, I put my feet up on my desk and scrolled through my instagram, meaning to take just a small break with a little guilty pleasure social media before returning to grade the stack of quizzes in front of me.  Twenty minutes later, I was still absently staring at my phone, mouth open slightly, finger scrolling through pictures from a week ago.

I’m 98% sure I fell asleep with my eyes open.

Me when I get home...or do anything, really.  (Google Images)

Me when I get home…or do anything, really. (Google Images)

Checking in with the butter bean

Let’s check on the butter bean and the butter bean’s mama!

How far along?  16 weeks…well, a little more than 16 weeks, but I tried to blog in time, and I think it’s the thought that matters.

Maternity clothes?  Yeahhhhhhhh.  Just professional clothes.  I needed some work things.  I got them from a store in the mall…Motherhood?  Is that a store that exists?  (Can you tell I am literally the worst shopper on the planet?  Shopping is depressing.  I don’t understand how people do that for fun…)

Stretch marks?   Not yet, but it is only a matter of time.

Sleep: WHAT IS THAT?!  I heard tale once of the mythical beast known as “sleep.”  He flies on great iridescent wings, descending on the lucky few who get to take part in his majesty and magic.  (But for real, I sleep horribly.  HORRIBLY.)

Movement:  *whines*  I don’t know what I’m supposed to be feeling for!!!!  Due to my propensity for violent gas, however, my assumption is that until the baby kicks me like a soccer player going for the ball, I probably won’t be able to tell.  C’est la vie. 

Food cravings:  Mexican.  Which is actually no different than pre-pregnant me, soooo…yeah.  Like, I would do things for some queso right now.  Things.  If you catch my drift.

Gender:  No idea!  But we find out on the 24th!  Fingers crossed butter bean decides to display the goods!

Baby is: The size of an avocado.  Which I would KILL for spread on a chip right now…

Best moment this week: The week is still young, but at the moment, the best moment award goes to riding with my husband to work this morning.  We had to drop my car off at the mechanic this morning (intermittent stalling…not good) so A dropped me off at work this morning after the car was taken care of.  And it was NICE.  Just a little extra time with my boo.  Normally, mornings are sluggish and I’m a HORRIBLY awful morning person, so he kind of avoids me anyways, but this morning was swell.
Looking forward to:  Surviving the week.  And professional development on Friday.  Not the ACTUAL development, but hanging out with the other teachers, particularly my neighboring teacher who just started last week.  Getting a chance to chat with my colleagues is a blast.  There is hardly enough time in the day to pee, much less talk to other teachers.  It’s nice to be reminded you aren’t actually alone in a swirling sea of high school kids.