Survived our first week back!

WOOHOO!!  I have been busy patting myself on the back and eating cheesecake because by God, I survived our first week back.  High school teachers of the world unite…one week down, just 17 more to go until the summer.  Although…let’s be honest…summer means lesson planning and professional development.  No rest for the weary!

SPEAKING of rest, what is that exactly?  I can’t tell you the last time I had a good night’s sleep.  Although, I suppose growing a baby is a pretty good reason to lose sleep…that and having the opportunity to see King George and Jason Aldean perform!  This past week, A and I spent our Thursday night being serenaded by George Strait and Jason Aldean and to say it was amazing is definitely an understatement…does Mr. Strait get more handsome with each passing year?  If I hadn’t been already been pregnant, I’m pretty sure between his hat and his crooning, I would have left that concert magically impregnated.  Damn.  *fans self*

We had our monthly appointment Friday.  No ultrasound, just a belly check and a flu shot.  Plus, I wanted to talk to Doc about my crippling headaches.  I’m talking monstrous, pounding, punch you in the face and curb stomp you headaches.  I got the affirmation that it is pretty common during the second trimester and to just hang in there, it’ll end.  *le sigh*  BUT, butter bean is doing PHENOMENALLY.  Very strong heartbeat and growing like he or she should.

Which reminds me…our gender ultrasound is scheduled for the 24th.  😀  THAT IS JUST TWO WEEKS AWAY.  Until then, I will continue to register for both boy and girl clothes.  No shame in my game.  Fingers crossed butter bean decides to throw modesty to the wind and bare the goods!

Today’s blog has read more like a journal…not that I mind, but I hope as I settle back into the routine of the school year, I have more time to blog about worthwhile things.

Until next time!


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