Checking in with the butter bean

Let’s check on the butter bean and the butter bean’s mama!

How far along?  16 weeks…well, a little more than 16 weeks, but I tried to blog in time, and I think it’s the thought that matters.

Maternity clothes?  Yeahhhhhhhh.  Just professional clothes.  I needed some work things.  I got them from a store in the mall…Motherhood?  Is that a store that exists?  (Can you tell I am literally the worst shopper on the planet?  Shopping is depressing.  I don’t understand how people do that for fun…)

Stretch marks?   Not yet, but it is only a matter of time.

Sleep: WHAT IS THAT?!  I heard tale once of the mythical beast known as “sleep.”  He flies on great iridescent wings, descending on the lucky few who get to take part in his majesty and magic.  (But for real, I sleep horribly.  HORRIBLY.)

Movement:  *whines*  I don’t know what I’m supposed to be feeling for!!!!  Due to my propensity for violent gas, however, my assumption is that until the baby kicks me like a soccer player going for the ball, I probably won’t be able to tell.  C’est la vie. 

Food cravings:  Mexican.  Which is actually no different than pre-pregnant me, soooo…yeah.  Like, I would do things for some queso right now.  Things.  If you catch my drift.

Gender:  No idea!  But we find out on the 24th!  Fingers crossed butter bean decides to display the goods!

Baby is: The size of an avocado.  Which I would KILL for spread on a chip right now…

Best moment this week: The week is still young, but at the moment, the best moment award goes to riding with my husband to work this morning.  We had to drop my car off at the mechanic this morning (intermittent stalling…not good) so A dropped me off at work this morning after the car was taken care of.  And it was NICE.  Just a little extra time with my boo.  Normally, mornings are sluggish and I’m a HORRIBLY awful morning person, so he kind of avoids me anyways, but this morning was swell.
Looking forward to:  Surviving the week.  And professional development on Friday.  Not the ACTUAL development, but hanging out with the other teachers, particularly my neighboring teacher who just started last week.  Getting a chance to chat with my colleagues is a blast.  There is hardly enough time in the day to pee, much less talk to other teachers.  It’s nice to be reminded you aren’t actually alone in a swirling sea of high school kids.

One thought on “Checking in with the butter bean

  1. I feel the same about shopping…I despise it! Knowing I’m most likely going to have to do some soon or majorly stretch out my shirt and wear the same 1 pair of maternity jeans and 1 pair of maternity shorts my Mom bought me (thankfully my mother loves to shop)…I’ll have to bite the bullet. SO exciting you find out the gender next week!!!!

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