Lies about pregnancy #1: Your energy will return

Lies about pregnancy…at least, things that turned out to be drastically untrue for this little lady.

LIE #1:  Your energy will come back during the 2nd trimester.


I think this is probably not true for me because I had a bizarrely calm 1st trimester.  I can count on one hand the number of times I felt nauseous and never, ever had morning sickness.  I wasn’t overly sleepy (no more sleepy than a teacher normally is when they get home from work) and beside the ridiculously sore boobs (poor ladies felt like they were being stabbed with knives), I still took pregnancy tests every couple weeks to make sure I was really pregnant…and that was AFTER I heard the heartbeat!  It was just so…calm? Easy? Uneventful?  I know all of those things are good things, but I felt the opposite of how everybody was telling me I would be feeling…specifically the tired part.

I remember my mom asking my dad, “Remember when I would get home from work and take a nap before bedtime?”

My baby book informed me there was no exhaustion like first trimester pregnancy exhaustion.

But I wasn’t extra tired.  Not at all.

Second trimester, however, blew the doors off all that.  It’s like the moment I passed the magical threshold between the 13th week and the 14th week, my body quit.  Sometimes, when I sit in my classroom and look at my students, it takes everything in me to not scrap the plans for the day and instead have a class nap.  NO, I diligently trudge through our 11th grade literature of the day, in the back of my mind wishing that I was taking a nap…and then when I woke up from that nap, I would stretch and yawn lazily…and take another nap.  I have started incorporating as much movement as I can (for me at least) so I don’t nod off…lecture here, walk to the projector there, head over to the light switch and flip it off, back over to the computer to press play on the 5 minute clip, patrol the classroom, truck it over to my desk to write a referral…

Which, conversely, is probably just making me more sleepy.  But at least I’m not actually asleep!  I’m surprised the kids haven’t started counting my yawns…they would be numerous.

Today, during my planning period, I put my feet up on my desk and scrolled through my instagram, meaning to take just a small break with a little guilty pleasure social media before returning to grade the stack of quizzes in front of me.  Twenty minutes later, I was still absently staring at my phone, mouth open slightly, finger scrolling through pictures from a week ago.

I’m 98% sure I fell asleep with my eyes open.

Me when I get home...or do anything, really.  (Google Images)

Me when I get home…or do anything, really. (Google Images)


2 thoughts on “Lies about pregnancy #1: Your energy will return

  1. I have to agree with this statement. As you stated, if anything I’m more exhausted this trimester than I was the first.

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