Gender Predictions

Tucked Neatly Away had the absolutely wonderful idea of gathering well known Old Wive’s Tales about determining gender in preparation for her upcoming gender reveal.  I am so beyond excited to find out the sex of our butter beans!  May the next two weeks fly by!


And so, in honor of our upcoming announcements, let’s predict the baby’s gender!

Highs & Lows
 If you’re carrying high, they say you’re having a girl. If you’re carrying low, it’s a boy.
The result: boy
I guess I’m carrying low.  I feel like this is sort of a difficult thing to estimate, especially without having anything else to compare it to…
Heart Rate
 According to legend, 140+ beats/minute indicates a girl, below 140 beats/minute indicates a boy.
The result: girl…although it’s pretty close!
Last check with the fetal doppler was about 142.
Sweet or Sour 
If you’re craving sweets, break out the pink. If you’re cravings are more salty/sour, break out the blue.
The result: boy
Sour…she says as she finishes a pack of sour patch kids…
Chinese Birth Chart
(you can find a chart here)
An ancient method that uses the age of the mother & month she conceived to determine the gender.
The result: girl
Mayan Rule of Evens & Odds
Apparently the Mayans determined a baby’s gender by looking at the mother’s age at conception & the year of conception. If both are even or odd, it’s a girl. If one’s even & one is odd, it’s a boy.
The result: boy
I was 22 at conception and the year was 2013 – one is even, and one is odd!
Acne Indicator
The belief that girls steal their mother’s beauty leads to this theory.
Lots of annoying acne? Thank your little lady. Little to no acne? Way to go little boy!
The result: boy
I have always had TERRIBLE acne.  I mean, the older I get, the worse it gets, which I really feel is desperately unfair…but I will save that for another post.  In any case, I measured this old wive’s tale by determining if my skin was worse or better…it’s gotten better!  
Put A Ring On It
Suspend your wedding ring on a string (or some say a piece of your own hair) over your belly.
If it swings back & forth, you’ve got a little girl. If it swings in a circle, you’re growing a boy.
The result: girl
We did this one a couple weeks ago!  My husband left the yarn on his wedding band for a couple hours…while it was on his finger…
Morning Sickness
The belief that if you suffer from a lot of morning sickness, you’re having a girl.
If you don’t have much, you’re having a boy.
The result: boy
No morning sickness for this mama, thank goodness!  I did have a nasty ’bout of stomach virus, but that was totally unrelated to pregnancy.
The final tally:
It’s a boy: 5
It’s a girl: 3
And the boys have it!  We will have to see how this turns out!  I can’t wait to find out the gender of butter bean and that of Tucked Neatly Away’s peanut as well!
Copy and paste into your own blog!  I’m interested to see everybody’s results!

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