Gender Reveal!


Today was our anatomy scan!  Baby Clawson is very healthy!  Measurements are good, all the internal organs are where they are supposed to be, placenta was as lovely as a placenta can be…and Baby Clawson was killing me with all the movement!  I drank a glass of orange juice about 30 minutes before the appointment.  At one point, the baby was making silly movements with their mouth, opening and closing it like a fish.  I about killed over from the preciousness.

We also got a pretty good shot of “the goods” and found out gender…drum roll please!!!!


IT’S A BOY!!!!

And proudly displaying his personal bits!

And proudly displaying his personal bits!

We are so excited!  Can’t wait for my favorites, Tucked Neatly Away and One Day at a Time to find out the gender of their doodle bugs as well!


6 thoughts on “Gender Reveal!

  1. Yay!! So exciting 🙂 I am totally going on a mini shopping spree when we find out. I love how much he was moving- that’s always so much fun to see. I saw your name post- LOVE the name as well! I bet you guys are having such a fun weekend talking about your little BOY!!!

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