Long. Ass. Week.

So. Yeah.  This has been, you guessed it! a long ass week.  BUT TOMORROW IS FRIDAY, LET ME PLAY YOU THE SONG OF MY PEOPLE AND WE SHALL DANCE!

Because this has been such a trashy week, I COMPLETELY forgot to check in with baby boy this week.  So let’s get that out of the way 4 days late!

How far along?  About 18 and a half weeks (I really have to got to get better at doing these on the new week mark…)

Maternity clothes?  Yes.  A couple pairs of work pants.  I need to get some blue jeans, though!  I can’t wear blue jeans to work (we don’t even have blue jean Friday…) BUT, on the weekends I would rather have something that fits other than sweat pants and work slacks.

Stretch marks?   *big giant dramatic sigh*  they are indeed starting to spring up.  Just one or two, but still.  I’m not too worried about it, though.  I’m just going to treat myself like a bad ass tiger.

Sleep: Some nights are better than others.  But I’m peeing an average of 3 times a night which is really unfortunate…

Movement:  I SWEAR I FELT A LITTLE KICK A FEW DAYS AGO.  I was laid back in my chair during lunch with my feet up on my desk when BOOP!  I felt a little spring like movement against my skin.  I haven’t felt anything definitive like that since.  But, sometimes when we are doing the fetal doppler, I can hear his movements.


Gender:  BOY BOY BOY.  We found out on Friday it’s a boy 🙂  His name is Raylan James!  And I’m so madly in love with his little self, I feel like I might explode.

Baby is: Last Friday, RJ weighed in at 7 ounces.  Haha, go baby!  He is going to be a healthy little man.

Best moment this week:  Um…it’s been a really long week.  The best moment of this week hasn’t happened yet but it will on Friday when I walk to my car and roll out.
Looking forward to:  Eating a cheeseburger for supper.  I wasn’t kidding about those cravings.  AND ALSO DECORATING THE NURSERY.  Also, finding out the gender of Tucked Neatly Away and Wife and Mother in One Day baby dumplings!  Can’t wait!!

3 thoughts on “Long. Ass. Week.

  1. I cannot wait to start on the nursery!! I feel like I have a general idea of what I want, whites and grays- and then just waiting to find out the sex so I can nail down the accent color. Do you have any idea of what you will do? I hope you & RJ enjoyed your cheeseburger!

    • My husband is a rabid bass fisherman, so I think we are going to go rustic fishing…plaids and tans and fishing poles and a sweet little fish mobile. Steering clear of Little Mermaid style blues and greens! The crib we are going with is a sort of burnished cream kind of color. I’m really excited! I’m just going to have to monitor my Hobby Lobby trips…hahaha

      I love the whites and grays with an accent color idea! Can’t wait to see pictures when you get started! 😀

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