Nesting instinct is on FIRE

I had my anatomy scan last week…and as if my inclination to nest wasn’t intense before, not only finding out gender but learning that Raylan was healthy and growing like a champ…well that just set my nesting instinct on FIRE.


Am I doing it right?

Today, we made our first purchase for the nursery!  A beautiful chair!

Initially, one of A’s coworkers was going to give us a glider.  They were getting rid of a few furniture items before they headed to their next duty station.  At the last minute, they decided it was a sentimental piece they couldn’t part with.  Who can blame them?  I balled my eyes out when I realized all of the things (quilts, furniture, etc) I had gotten from my Aunt Marie was wiped out in a tornado I went through in 2011.  (More on that at a later date when I care to chronicle my story…)  As such, we were back down to no furniture!  We decided today to scope out some furniture stores all over Shreveport and look for a chair.

But what should we get?  A glider?  Naw…it’s definitely for the best that the glider deal fell through…swings and things make me nauseous.  I get nauseous just standing on my front lawn because the world spins.  I am kind of the queen of motion sickness.

How about a recliner?  Takes up too much room…

My chair is too big!

An armchair?  Yeah…that sounds like the best of both worlds!  Immediately, I had all these amazing mental images of cradling my little pudding pop while curled up in a little chair, feet propped on an ottoman.  After several stores, we settled on this guy:

In the store...

In the store…

In the very empty room that will soon be our nursery!

In the very empty room that will soon be our nursery!

It is this beautiful sort of charcoal blue color and will go perfect with our driftwood nursery furniture set and rustic fishing motif.  Decorating is such a blast, especially when it is for my little man!  I feel so thankful and blessed that I have the opportunity to do silly and sweet things like decorate a nursery.

One thought on “Nesting instinct is on FIRE

  1. Oh I love that chair! I can’t wait to see this rustic furniture. And of course the final product 🙂 … with a BABY in it! eeek

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