Pregnancy Achievement Unlocked: Reach 20 weeks

How far along?  20 weeks!  Woohoo!  I found out I was pregnant what felt like the day we conceived (ok, a little over a week after…I have a weird cycle and ovulated the day after my period ended…I just…I don’t know) so this 20 weeks has felt like it’s dragged!  But…at the same time, I’m stunned we’re already here!  It feels great to have reached this mile stone with my little man!

Maternity clothes?  Girl, yes.  I chaperoned the JROTC Military Ball for the high school I work at (it was more fun than the Air Force Ball, for real…) and used it as an excuse to buy a new dress.  The Motherhood Maternity store is my best friend.  Beautiful black, floor length dress…for $25!  BOOM.  The kids got a kick out of the belly.  I don’t blame them.

The black is slimming, I know.

The black is slimming, I know.

Can we talk about my boo thang for a second?  That is one HAWT lieutenant.

Can we talk about my boo thang for a second? That is one HAWT lieutenant.

Stretch marks?   *big giant dramatic sigh*  they are indeed starting to spring up.  Just one or two, but still.  I’m not too worried about it, though.  I’m just going to treat myself like a bad ass tiger.  (repeat from previous post)

Sleep: No.


Movement: YESSSS.  He rolls around all the time.  It’s awesome.  His peak hours seem to be after I have eaten and before bed.  It is the sweetest, most amazing feeling on the planet.  I can’t wait until he is bigger and really kicking so A can feel him.

Food cravings:  Sour and savory things.

Symptoms:  Before pregnancy, I had never heard of sciatica or the sciatic nerve…I am quite familiar with it now as any time I walk for an extended period, I feel shooting pains through my butt cheek and into my leg.  I also have round ligament pain like a boss.  But usually only if I make sudden movements, like when I hop (well…whatever hop means for a pregnant lady) off the couch or book it down the hallway to the bathroom or after a troublemaker.  These high school kids are fast.

Gender: A sweet baby boy

Baby is:  About the length of a banana which is think is the most ridiculously wonderful comparison ever.  He should be weighing about 10.5 ounces, but I’m sure Raylan is measuring a little larger, like he always does.

Best moment this week:  This past weekend, I did nothing but watch the Olympics, which was fabulous.  And last week was hell.  I know I said the same thing about the week before, but I was wrong.  Let me just lay it down for you:
Monday – hour long faculty meeting, meaning I did not leave school until 5.
Tuesday – lacrosse games in what felt like the Antarctic
Wednesday – hump day wasn’t too bad…but I also could just be blocking it out…
Thursday – Open House at the high school…it was fun and nice to see potential students, just long.  Ended up leaving school around 8:15.
Friday – The power went out.  I kid you not.  So…we just chilled – in the dark, for an hour.  3rd block ended up staying in my class in extra 30 or so minutes, so I had them for a little over 2 hours…2 hours, 30 teenagers…yeah.
Looking forward to:  This weekend!  I’m not sure what we’re doing, but it is A’s birthday.  I like celebrating my sweet pea!

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