21 Week Update

How far along?  21 weeks (and a day)!

Maternity clothes?  mmhmm and very stretchy clothes…and bigger bras…

Stretch marks?   Lawd, yes.  No matter how much vitamin E, lotion, or coconut butter I slather on, I feel like there is a new one almost every day.  Oh well.

Sleep: Actually, yes!  Except for this past Saturday night (horrible allergies that spending a day on the lake did not help), I have slept pretty well this past week!

Movement: Absolutely!!  Some days he is more active than others.  The active days are my favorite.

Food cravings:  Chips and salsa.  If somebody could create a way that I could get that intravenously, that would be fabulous.

Symptoms:  Round ligament pain, but I have been trying to monitor how much I sit and stand so my sciatica hasn’t been too bad for the past week.

Gender: A sweet baby boy

Baby is:  Raylan weighs about 3/4ths of a pound and is about 10 1/2 inches long!  That seems SO LARGE to me, but when you actually hold something that weighs that much or is that long, you realize, it’s not that big at all.

Best moment this week:  WE BOUGHT A NEW CAR!  Ok, so my husband drives a 1996 Dodge Ram.  And I drive a 2007 Saturn Ion.  The Dodge has transmission issues, which makes sense because it is almost 2 decades old.  Previously, we had hoped to just limp along because my car was fine.  VERY small, but fine.  We figured when we would go on road trips and things, we could just rent a vehicle that would accommodate my family, which will soon include a baby, and already includes two fur babies and a husband.  But in December, my car decided it was going to start stalling…while I was driving.  At first, it only did it when I stopped (the car would sort of shudder and the engine would shut off).  Then, I noticed it shuddering as I was driving…we took it to the mechanic, who charged us $100 bucks to tell us he couldn’t fix it and we needed to take it to a dealership with a mechanic.  So we took it to the mechanic…three separate times…and totaled $1,000 for them to also tell us they had no idea what was wrong with it.
That was very obviously the last straw.  We spent the past weekend scoping out cars, found the perfect one in Texarkana, which is only about an hour from Shreveport, drove over yesterday to check it out and test drive it, as well as a few others, and headed back for home with a new car that doesn’t turn itself off randomly!
The new Clawson Mobile!

The new Clawson Mobile!

It’s a Kia Sorento!  We bought it gently used with about 30,000 miles on it.  It’s a 2011 and comes with all kinds of bells and whistles like parking assist, 4 wheel drive, blue tooth, satellite radio, leather seats, towing package and hitch, three rows of seats, and a V6!!  To say it is better than my Saturn (which we surprisingly got $2500 for…it obviously managed to not shut itself off as they test drove it) is an understatement.  I’m in love!!  We held on to the Dodge…it is worth way more to us to doodle around in than to trade in.

Looking forward to:  Our monthly checkup on Friday.  It’s nothing more than a belly check and whatnot, but I love love love doing anything that has to do with Raylan…even if that includes sitting in a waiting room for an hour to hear a heartbeat and be told the baby sounds great.

3 thoughts on “21 Week Update

    • THANK YOU! We are SO jazzed. It’s the nicest thing I have ever owned in my whole life. hahaha. We keep looking at each other like, “so…you wanna go for a ride?” hahaha 😀

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