21 weeks (and a day) Belly

Spoiler alert:  it goes on for days.  I’m SO big.

photo (6)

Ignore my hair and frazzled appearance.  You would look like this, too, if you taught high school.


4 thoughts on “21 weeks (and a day) Belly

  1. You are NOT so big! Lol But I feel that sentiment deep in my soul! I keep telling myself, I’m barely 6 months… how much bigger is this going to get?!

    • YES YES! We had our monthly appointment today, and the doctor was like, “wow, your fundal height is pretty tall!” HAHA, thanks…I do have a pretty fabulous fundal height ;D And I told her I felt giant and she just kind of laughed and said, “wait till next month.” hahaha, at least she is honest and has a sense of humor.

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