Monthly Appointment – Update

Today marks 21 weeks and 4 days and we had our monthly appointment at the lady doctor office.  It was a simple kind of deal, just a belly check and a quick listen to the heartbeat and whatnot.

Apparently I have an epic fundal height.  Oh you know, I’m a majestic pregnant beast.  But Raylan’s heartbeat was nice and strong!  It took the doctor a second to find it because he is so high, which she said is a little uncommon.  

In addition, Raylan is breech, which I’m not too worried about right now.  He was breech at the anatomy scan, too.  The doctor said there is plenty of time for Raylan to wiggle himself into the appropriate position, but that if he isn’t there by 35 weeks, we will schedule a c-section.  But like I said…PLENTY of time to roll over and get where he needs to be.  

If he is as stubborn as me, though, I might be in trouble…haha.


Our crib is coming in next week!!!  YAY.  And my in-laws bought us our ergo we registered for and it arrived yesterday.  Super pumped!!!  Between the crib coming in next week and my parents heading to sticks n’ stuff today (apparently the one in Birmingham is closing?) to see what knick knacks and furniture they can snag for a deal, Raylan might have a pretty complete nursery within the next few weeks!  AWESOME.

I’m just feeling really great about pregnancy right now!  Everything (well…everything not work related, but that is a post for another day) is going wonderfully!  I love my little boy so much and I’m just counting down the days till he gets here.  

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