Raylan gets a crib!

The crib is in!!


Raylan wanted to take a picture next to his new bed.


This crib, plus the bucket of frozen yogurt I just ate, have definitely been the highlights of this week so far!! 😀  The crib is the Sundvik at IKEA in the gray brown color.  We love it!  Very masculine without being dark.  Now, to get a mattress…


4 thoughts on “Raylan gets a crib!

  1. Yay! So exciting!!! We are getting our crib from Ikea too : ) How was it putting it together and are you getting the mattress from there or somewhere else? I feel like unless you spend a ton of $$ for a “nice” one they are all the same and don’t seem different, right? Would love to hear your thoughts : )

    • It was really easy to put it together! It only took us about 30 or 45 minutes, and that was probably mostly due to me dragging my fat butt around. We didn’t get a mattress from Ikea. We have one registered on our Target account, just a Serta Firm one, I think…I dunno, I’m with you, it’s a mattress…so they are really all the same. Plus, once you put the mattress pads and liner and stuff on it…meh.

    • This makes me happy to know…I get weird looks from some people wondering why I am not buying some high end (expensive) convertible deal… we don’t have the money or space and it’s a crib…they’ll sleep in it and survive just fine. Plus I always love the style of Ikea : )

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