What a week

Normally, I’m pretty good about getting on every couple days to check in with all my girls and post an update.

But between report cards going out next week (which means a rush to finish grading everything, including all that makeup work the butt heads turn in the weekend before grades are due…so guess what I’ll be doing for the next two days?), my birthday (all we did was eat Chipotle…lol), and general work related anxieties (testing next week and the week after, inservices, LIFE), there was NO time to even take a shower, much less get online.

My apologies!

We had a couple of awesome pregnancy related first the past week!  First time at 23 weeks, first time A felt baby boy move (YAY), and got several gifts for baby boy from my family!  My sweet little brothers, both working men which is scary to me because they shouldn’t be that old, got me a crib mattress, breast pump (the Medela pump in style!), a changing pad, and a changing pad cover! 😀  I know, I know, I’m absurdly blessed to have the most generous family on the planet.  Raylan is the first baby in our family, so everybody is really excited, including the soon-to-be-uncles.

I also received a Moby from in-laws!  So I put one of my dogs in it while practicing wrapping it.

He cried when I took him out.

I forgot to update on Monday because I had a testing inservice after work until 5 and by the time it was over, I was raging against the man – the educational one, that is – and just wanted to go home and eat carbs.  BUT, we hit 23 weeks on Monday, which means 24 weeks (AND VIABILITY) in a couple days!  Raylan moves a lot.  It’s awesome.  Except, I’m guessing since he still hasn’t flipped around yet (breech), he does this thing every once in a while where it feels like he is trying to kick down my cervix.  Really!  It’s the most startling feeling on the planet.  I’m just walking around and all of a sudden I almost fall over because I’ve been kicked in the crotch…from the inside. Ha, pregnancy is magical.

I also sneeze and pee on myself regularly.  So that’s nice.

And….that’s about it!  We are off to run some errands!  I leave you with my belly!  As one of my just OH SO SWEET juniors said yesterday, “DANG, Mrs. C, do you get biggah every day?!”  Yes.  Yes, I do.


4 thoughts on “What a week

    • Let’s just say I’m glad my in-laws sent it early! hahahaha. It isn’t DIFFICULT but it definitely takes some practice. I figure if I keep practicing wrapping it and stuffing my dog into it to make sure it feels right, by the time baby boy gets here, I’ll be a pro 😉

      And LOL, I figured that color was pretty neutral and would hide stains well…hahahaha. Plus, I didn’t want a dark one with our summer babies!

      • haha Oh boy, I better get to practicing right after my shower then!

        And my thoughts exactly on the color choice.

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