24 weeks update

How far along?  24 weeks!  WOOHOO viability! 😀

Maternity clothes?  mmhmm and very stretchy clothes…and bigger bras…(repeat)

Stretch marks?   All day, everyday.

Sleep: Only when I take a benadryl…

Movement: All the time and it’s the best, most wonderful feeling in the world.  A finally felt him moving, too.  Totally awesome.  Except when it feels like he is performing a stomp routine on my cervix…that is  not fun.  

Food cravings:  anything spicy or sour


Gender: A sweet baby boy

Baby is:  Raylan weighs a little more than a pound and is about a foot long!  He is pretty skinny at the moment, but he will be fattening up in the next month 🙂  

Best moment this week:  I have really been struggling with my job recently.  The ridiculousness of public education is in the news everyday, so I probably don’t have to explain what frustrates me so much, but…it’s been a long couple weeks.  Today, however, was an awesome day though. 🙂  Reminded me why I chose to teach in the first place.  Hopefully the next 9 weeks have more good days than bad days.  Plus, the weather was on point today, for the first time in ages, and you can’t help but feel good when the weather is so nice.
Looking forward to:  Spring break!  I’m driving down to Baton Rouge to see my baby brother who works in a plant doing something so technical that I really don’t have a chance of explaining.  And I will get to see some extended family members.  They haven’t seen me since I was 8 weeks!  A lot has changed since then ;D  

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