The importance of drinking water…

We all know how important it is to stay hydrated…now, here is my little cautionary tale!

At the beginning of the week, I wasn’t feeling so hot.  Not anything that raised red flags, just generally crappy-ness.  Tuesday, I noticed there was a TEENY (I mean small…just a little pink) bit of blood when I used the bathroom, but I figured that was because A and I had done the deed a few days before.  It happens.

Wednesday, I realize I’m pretty crampy and feeling more gross than normal.  I make it through about half of second block before I realize there is no way I can stay at work.  I was super nauseous and I was feeling period-like cramps.  After a quick chat with my administration, I got somebody in to cover my classes for the rest of the day, called the hospital and scheduled a time to get a checked out.

When I got there, they did an ultrasound and little boy was fine, but there were huge patches of black all over the ultrasound.  I was told if the ultrasound turned out fine, I would be on my way.  But they asked me to wait and speak with the nurse, so I figured something wasn’t completely copacetic.

They walked us back into our usual little room and our nurse came in, looking a little grave.

“You are dehydrated.  Bedrest for 24 hours.  Pick up some pedialyte and get started drinking that.”   Turns out, those black spots were the empty spaces where amniotic fluid should have been.  She explained that the low amniotic fluid had caused the braxton hicks I was feeling.

Needless to say, I FELT TERRIBLE.  Not physically, because we have already discussed that, but emotionally.  I tried to turn my poor boy into a raisin.  How sad is that.

I got a sub for Thursday and stayed home, attempting to combat all the nausea I was feeling with rest and water.  I head back to the doctor in a week and they will recheck my fluid levels and as long as everything is where it needs to be, I will be free to return to my usual level of activity.

All in all, it was a pretty eye opening deal.  As a teacher, I find it really difficult to stay hydrated because I do not have the luxury of going to the bathroom when I need.  Time to get a little creative with the water situation…


One thought on “The importance of drinking water…

  1. Sorry you had to have such a scare! I have been getting BH contractions every so often…and this is DEF making me want to be WAY better about the water in take. For me the work week is great, I just sit at my desk drink water and pee every 20 minutes…but the weekends I do find it difficult and that’s when I get the BHs….thanks for sharing. It’s good you got it all checked out!

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