26 weeks

How far along?  26 weeks!  I cannot believe how fast time is going!  Already under the 100 day mark!

Maternity clothes?  YES.  Although, since it’s spring break and all I’m doing is grading essays, it doesn’t really matter if my clothes fit this week or not…LAZY DAYS.

Stretch marks?   All day, everyday.

Sleep: I’m trying to lay off medicine induced sleep.  Some nights are better than others, but I’m not waking up particularly exhausted or anything, so I’ll just keep trucking. (repeat)

Movement: All the time and it’s the best, most wonderful feeling in the world.  I have just recently realized I can see my belly move, which is WEIRD and WONDERFUL.  IN ADDITION, A can now see him rocking and rolling in there.  I keep think about what MrsSamanthaZ said about it looking like there was a party going on in there.  That really is the best description for it!

Food cravings:  anything spicy or sour or doused in guacamole and salsa…I got to indulge this craving over the weekend and oh sweet baby jesus, I ate till I hated myself and then I squeezed down a few more chips laden with salsa.  Twas ridiculous.

Symptoms:  Round ligament pain like a boss!  Particularly if I walk too quickly.  We went to the zoo yesterday and I had to take a break somewhere between the zebras and the rhino.  But if I just rest for a second, I feel fine and can keep going.  In other news, my sciatica has not been bothering me for a while!  It’s pretty nice!

Gender: A sweet baby boy

Baby is:  The length of a green onion, bless him, and almost 2 pounds, which is outrageous.  This week, his hearing is getting better (although I feel like when he hears me and A speak, he slows down…like he is being lulled to sleep…) and he is practicing some important breathing skills he will employ once he gets into the big world 🙂

Best moment this week:  We spent the weekend in Baton Rouge visiting my little brother and it was a blast!  We really didn’t do too much, everybody is sleepy and lazy after a week at work, especially the little brother who works in a plant and has a pretty physically taxing job, but we explored Baton Rouge (as if I hadn’t been born and lived there when I was younger…although thank goodness I got out, because I would be devastated if I was an LSU fan…Roll Tide 😉 ), ate a bunch, visited the zoo, and had a good time catching up.  It was great.  It is so bizarre to think that my baby brother who used to play pokemon and had the imagination to turn a stick into a light saber is all grown up…Time flies really quickly.
Looking forward to:  We are getting a 3D ultrasound on two weeks!  I’m so excited!  I hope he isn’t too shy 🙂

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