How has your tummy grown in the past few months?

If you are anything like me, you don’t REALLY realize just how big you are…until you walk past a mirror or see a picture of yourself.  And then you spit your diet coke everywhere (I really am trying to cut back) and stare in horror at your husband and demand to know why he didn’t tell you that you resembled a cow!

I’m a compulsive picture hoarder and while deleting pictures off my phone to make room for yet another upgrade, I saw a picture I took when I was 14 weeks pregnant and JUST barely starting to show.  Hmmmm, I thought to myself…I’m going to go put on that same shirt and take another picture!  

Here was the result:



Left: 14 weeks. Right: 26 weeks and some change.


Well…definitely a noticeable difference!  Suddenly, I’m not that bummed out about my stretchmarks…that belly expanded quite a bit in the past 3 months!  And some amazing things have happened in those 3 months!  We found out we were having a boy, we felt Raylan move for the first time, we started to put together his nursery…It’s been a BLAST!  A fast blast…I can’t wait to meet our little man, but I’m already freaking out over the speed at which life moves.

On a related note, let’s talk weight gain.  Ew, I know.  I started out about 15 pounds over my ideal weight and at my appointment yesterday (26 weeks, 2 days) had gained 20 pounds since the first appointment.  Not too shabby.  I’m not disappointed by my weight gain, but I can’t help but think…If I had actually been watching what I ate and not giving in to every single craving, I wonder if that number would have been even lower!  My goal is to keep total weight gain under 35 pounds for this pregnancy, and I know that is on the high side…but, I feel that it would be a manageable thing to tackle after birth and I’m all healed up.

I’m looking forward to getting into shape with little man!  Plus, it will be nice for my husband to be able to pick me up again, poor thing.  Although, I will say…after two serious bouts of stomach bugs this pregnancy, he has done his fair share of heavy lifting, whether it was into bed, out of the bathtub, off the floor…you get the drift.  In any case, my goal is to get down to 140.  I feel pretty comfortable there.  I’m only 5ft tall, but I have always been VERY curvy…plus…hubby likes my butt and boobs.  And who am I to deny him? ;D

Speaking of weight gain, one of the ladies on my Baby Center birth board posted this diagram, and I thought it was interesting!  Puts the pounds pregnant ladies pack on into some more perspective!

Didn’t even think about water retention and things like that!

How has your belly grown in the past few months?  What are  your weight loss goals after baby comes?


P.S. Third trimester, here we come!  You’re only a week away!


2 thoughts on “How has your tummy grown in the past few months?

    • Thank you! 🙂 And it’s my natural hair color. It’s mostly dark brown, but depending on the lighting…or time of the year…lol…it looks like it has some red in it. It’s mostly a wavy pain in the butt 😉

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