28 weeks – Hey, Third Trimester!

SOOOO…the past week was hectic.  Getting back from Spring Break and dealing with everything that comes with the end of the semester drawing nearer…I totally missed doing an update at 27 weeks.  But…all answers would have been the same.  We are some pretty consistent folks 😉


How far along? 28 weeks!  It is absolutely mind boggling that I’m already in third trimester.  Although, when I think that I new I was pregnant in October…suddenly, it feels like I have been pregnant forever and ever and ever.

Gender: a mama’s boy, absolutely

Maternity clothes?  Yes, and anything stretchy!  I can’t wait for summer break…this teacher is ready to throw her work clothes to the curb.

Stretch marks? Every time I take a breath, a new one pops up.  

Sleep:  Pretty terrible.  I think primarily the issue comes with how ridiculously taxing it is to move/roll over…plus, my hips are NOT a fan of laying on their sides.

Movement: HE MOVES SO MUCH THAT MY 3D/4D ULTRASOUND WAS A TOTAL FAIL.  I knew he was a busy bee in there, but he spent the entirety of the ultrasound rolling around and punching the little doppler.  We have a redo in a couple weeks.

Food cravings: Mexican.  Always.

What I Miss?  Alcohol.

Symptoms?  My fingers have started swelling a bit…exhaustion has returned…and generally achiness.

Best moment this week:  Seeing my parents.  Poor things drove 7 hours just to watch Raylan perform cartwheels and then drove back.  But it is always a joy seeing my parents 🙂
Looking forward to: Maternity pictures!  We have our sweet photographer all booked and ready to go!  I can’t wait!  We went with Elaine Pierce and after speaking with her, I could not more happier with our choice!

One thought on “28 weeks – Hey, Third Trimester!

  1. lol I have to giggle a the “total fail” on the 3D .. Miss Charlie chose to remain in one position and one position only despite poking, prodding and jump jacks from mama. We got some pictures thankfully.

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