29 Weeks – Bump Update

 How far along? 29 weeks, which is totally irrational.  Already?  29 weeks??

Gender: a mama’s boy, absolutely

Maternity clothes?  Yes, and anything stretchy!  I can’t wait for summer break…this teacher is ready to throw her work clothes to the curb. (same)

Stretch marks? EVERYWHERE.  Except my boobs, surprisingly.  

Sleep:  Not great.  Plus, allergy season is in full effect here in the south and I go from drowning in my own snot to being so dried up all I can do is cough and cough.  

Movement: Raylan is a gymnast.  He can kick me off balance.

Food cravings: Mexican.  Always.  ALWAYS.  We tried a new little whole in the wall place last Friday, and they basically give you a pitcher of salsa…I was in heaven.

What I Miss?  Alcohol…specifically a jack and coke…or “our” wine.  It comes in a jug, basically, so that goes to show you the classy bitches me and my husband are 🙂

Symptoms?  Insomnia lately!  But I’m also sleepy…so I don’t know.  I will admit…I am loving being pregnant and having the chance to carry my little dude around, but I will be much more happy when he is here and I can return to my normal self.

Best moment this week:  This one is tricky…and begins with really terrible news.  SOOOO, I’m a high school teacher.  We were stationed in Louisiana in September, but I got a job and moved here earlier to start.  When I was hired, it was under the impression that even though I’m a military wife, I would work here until we moved, and I was very pleased with that arrangement!  I was born to educate teenage turds, and I considered this job a blessing…particularly because the job market is not so hot right now.  Fast forward to February.  I’m pregnant and the principal has told us at the past several faculty meetings/professional development days that we will be losing 3-5 teachers due to funding issues.  Not going to lie, not ONCE did it occur to me that my position, as a core teacher (English), would be in jeopardy.  You NEED English teachers.  But then, come February, students are signing up for classes and it appears that several electives have been cut…electives that are taught by English teachers.  Suddenly, there are too many English teachers in the department.  Uh oh.  Rumors immediately make the rounds…”so and so might be transferring”…”yeah, but is he even coming back next year?”…  I got nervous…I’m the new kid on the block, after all.  After talking with my husband, I decided I needed to talk to my very no nonsense, slightly intimidating principal.  I let her know I really loved my job and if they will have me next year, I would LOVE to come back.
She basically told me it was out of her hands, but that chances were slim I would be coming back.  When a district makes cut backs, first they cut people who aren’t certified, then they cut people who have been hired most recently.  The whole English department is certified…and I was hired most recently.  All signs point to me.  I panicked, but decided not to make any decisions until I knew for sure.
After being called to a meeting this past Friday, I now know for sure.  I will not be returning this year.  I balled my eyes out as soon as I left the principal’s office.
A piece of me feels like, “what’s the point?”  BUT, I’m going to finish out the year strong.
AND ALL OF THAT  brings me to my favorite moment this week:  I think me and A have decided I will stay home with little man next year.  And I’m ridiculously excited.  More to follow as this develops 🙂
Looking forward to: Maternity pictures!  We have our sweet photographer all booked and ready to go!  I can’t wait!  We went with Elaine Pierce and after speaking with her, I could not more happier with our choice!  (same)
And here is a bump picture, for good measure!  Me and A went to the theater over the weekend to see an amazing coworker perform.  We had a grand time 🙂
photo (14)

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