31 Weeks – So close, yet so far…

How far along? 31 weeks – 63 Days till Expected Due Date (EDD) (as off Monday, April 28).  According to my babycenter app, he weighs about the size of a coconut, which should be 3lbs 4oz-ish.  According to my ultrasound on Saturday, he is currently weighing in at 3lbs 11oz.  So…he is a big coconut ;D  Speaking of pregnancy apps, mine is so boring now that we’re in the third trimester!  All the exciting, “he’s growing fingernails! He’s growing a liver!” is a thing of the past.  Now, each weekly update reads, “Baby is <insert fruit or vegetable here>.  He is getting fatter.”  Tell me something I didn’t know.

Gender: a mama’s boy, absolutely

Maternity clothes?  Slacks and jeans.  And tank tops!  Tank tops are my favorite. (repeat)

Stretch marks? EVERYWHERE.  Except my boobs, surprisingly.  I think this because my boobs were already out of control, so…yeah.

Sleep:  Not too shabby at the moment!  I flip flop between decent sleep and no sleep.  

Movement: Raylan is a gymnast.  He can kick me off balance.


What I Miss?  Being able to roll over in bed without an act of congress

Symptoms?   I’m gonna be one of those people and sum it up in one word, “pregnant.”  3rd trimester is a beast.  I’m ready to be done!

Best moment this week:  Yesterday, I met some of the people A works with.  It was a lot of fun!  We played games and I ate too much food and everybody loved my dip.

And there is my very boring weekly update.  Not too much happening now.  Which I think is probably a good thing 😉

8 thoughts on “31 Weeks – So close, yet so far…

  1. TOTALLY agree with you on the boring 3rd trimester preggo apps- It’s all about weight & inches I guess…and baby becoming less “red and wrinkly” which I feel like he’s been doing all along after week 20 something.

    Side note: What kind of dip did you make??? I am always looking for good dips…

    • It was called “Neiman Marcus” dip! So unhealthy, but so good. I didn’t measure anything, just eyeballed it…but, I did a scoop of light mayo, a scoop of sour cream, shredded cheddar cheese, green onions, bacon bits, and almond slivers. Serve it with ritz crackers! I had none left to take home and I made a BIG batch!

  2. hahahah Rolling over without an act of Congress – yes. ditto. EXACTLY. Good grief, who knew such simple acts would be Olympic feats until this is all said an done.
    Also when you put down the days like that (63) I kind of hyperventilate a little. Cause I’m two weeks ahead of you and that means I have less than 63 days and NO I’m not counting. ha!

    • I CAN’T DECIDE HOW I FEEL. On one hand, I am FREAKING out that it is so close…but on the other, I’m so ready to have my body and personality back and to meet this little guy, I just want it to be done.

      • I agree so much. But right now I’m leaning more heavily (and lopsidely) towards wanting my body back lol

  3. Ha! I know, the 3rd trimester is no joke, just want to be done with it. I feel like a beached whale – can’t get out of bed, can’t get off of sofa, can’t bend over to pick up something I’ve dropped on the ground, etc. fun times!!

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