33 Weeks

How far along? 33 weeks as of yesterday.  I skipped 32 weeks, but that was probably because I was too busy lying immobile on my couch after work.  Anyone else in SERIOUS discomfort/pain?  I mean, it is AGONY rolling over in bed.  Dear baby boy, I love you soooooo much, but one day when you are older, I will be more than happy to tell you all about the arguments and fights you used to have with my internal organs.

Gender: a mama’s boy, absolutely

Maternity clothes?  Slacks and jeans.  And tank tops!  Tank tops are my favorite.  But I’m getting to that ugly stage of pregnancy…like, my belly is less round and starting to look a little low…so, flowy tops are currently my go to.

Stretch marks? EVERYWHERE.  Except my boobs, surprisingly.  I think this because my boobs were already out of control, so…yeah.

Sleep:  Depends.  But no matter how much sleep I do get, exhaustion is still a very real deal.   

Movement: Raylan is a gymnast.  He can kick me off balance.  And recently, he has started this thing where he will stretch his arms and legs straight out so that he pushes against my bladder and whatever other soft, squishy, most likely delicate organs are down there and his feet will bulge all the skin around my rib cage up a few inches.  It is bizarre to watch.  My husband gets a kick out of it.

Starfish...Raylan is a starfish...with the amazing ability to push on me in 100 different places at once.

Starfish…Raylan is a starfish…with the amazing ability to push on me in 100 different places at once.

Food cravings: SPICY EVERYTHING GET IN MAH BELLY.  And Chipotle.  God, I love Chipotle.  But that was a pre-pregnancy thing, too.

What I Miss?  Walking around and not feeling like my legs were going to snap in half.  I’m fucking heavy.  Do not like.

Symptoms?   I’m gonna be one of those people and sum it up in one word, “pregnant.”  3rd trimester is a beast.  I’m ready to be done!

Best moment this week:  Oh sweet baby Jesus…it’s only Tuesday and the past week has been EW, so I’m going to skip this one for right now.

Sorry this post is so negative Nancy.  I’m a sour puss recently.

 Looking forward to:  Our baby shower this weekend!  I CANNOT WAIT!  Mostly, I’m excited to see all my family, and A’s family as well.  I want to say 50-70 people are coming…men, women, children…much fun will be had, much alcohol will be drank (although sadly not by me…and is that drank or drunk?  I’m a bad English teacher) and there will be plenty of laughter and frivolity.  Any excuse to get with the family is a good one, because it so rarely happens.  The last time we were all in one place was our wedding.  And the fact that we are celebrating our little dude just makes it even better!

6 thoughts on “33 Weeks

  1. Rolling over- it’s a terrible thing. I keep thinking if it’s this bad WTH am I gonna do when he’s double the size he is now?! And it’s not like you can’t roll over, cause your hips would be in excruciating pain if you didn’t. 3rd trimester is def the time when you realize- there is a human in there, right where all your organs are (or used to be)…I know our bodies were “made for this” but doesn’t it feel like it sometimes. I am totally with you on the negative nancy front…today happens to be a day where I feel pretty good (mentally anyways) but the whole week before- terrible. In other news- we are VERY close to almost being done…yay!

  2. Ugh, I totally agree! At nearly 34 weeks, the most common description for how I’m feeling is, “very pregnant.” But, we’re in the home stretch, ladies! Thank goodness. PS: I’ve never been so aware of my back in my life. Where can I hire someone to come to work with me and constantly massage my back? Think you can register for something like that?

    • YES. On my list of postpartum care is “buy a new spine.” This is out of control! Anytime my husband is sitting idly, I remind him he could be putting those idle hands to use by rubbing my back haha

  3. “3rd trimester is a beast” I concur. Ditto. YES! And any other form of agreement to be said. My goodness I’m over it. Come on June!

    • “How are you feeling?” says every person I come into contact with.

      “Like I’m done with this.” I grumpily reply back.

      haha, I’m not a fun 3rd trimester lady.

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