Maternity pictures have arrived!

The edited, completed, AWESOME pictures have arrived!  Here’s a few of my favorites 🙂

Clawson_1006 Clawson_1007 Clawson_1013 Clawson_1015 Clawson_1024 Clawson_1025 Clawson_1028 Clawson_1030 Clawson_1031 Clawson_1032 Clawson_1034


6 thoughts on “Maternity pictures have arrived!

  1. Beautiful!!
    My favorites are the one with you guys kissing and the one just after that, with you both smiling. Love them!

    • 🙂 THANK YOU. At first, I totally regretted spending so much to get these done, but then I figured, well…it doesn’t hurt to feel pretty during pregnancy, because that is about the LAST adjective I would use to describe anything happening to my body right now. hahaha!

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