Time to get that bag packed!

Ahhhh, the magical hospital bag!  In my head, our flight to the hospital goes something like this:

A and I are sitting on the couch/cuddling in bed/standing in the kitchen cooking <whichever is more idyllic>.  As we lovingly pat my belly and discuss our day (because in my fantasy, I’m a normal person as opposed to this hormonal, gassy, sailor swearing pregnant lady), I make a sudden movement – perhaps I’m getting off the couch to fetch my darling something to drink or I’m hopping off the bed to turn on the fan or I turn to head to the fridge and grab something healthy – when WOOSH!  With a small pop and a gush, my water breaks!  I turn to A and say excitedly, “Babe, I think it’s time!”  Happily, we give the dogs one last cuddle, gather our hospital bag, hop in the car, and call the parents on the way.  “It’s time!”  Giggling and excited, we enter the hospital, get shown to our room and a few hours later I have a little boy in my arms, each hair is perfectly in place, and we are ready for our close up, Mr. Deville!

The problem is, I AM a hormonal, gassy, sailor swearing pregnant lady.  So chances of me jauntily hopping around my house as if my vagina doesn’t feel like it’s about to fall off are slim to none.  HOWEVER, there is ONE thing I can control and that is the hospital bag.

As a first time mom, I really don’t have a clue what I’m doing, but after a lot of research, I felt comfortable enough to tackle the daunting task of packing a bag that will accompany me as I push a human out of my body.  A and I headed to Walmart this past weekend and pulled together the following things (which surprisingly all fit in one suitcase…with room to spare!)

For Me, specifically:

  • Underwear (the granny panty kind that can be tossed into the trash…I know a nurse will bestow upon me mesh panties, but I figured a $5 pack of cotton granny panties wasn’t a bad idea…I’ll let the Victoria’s Secret take a few weeks off)
  • Socks (I packed several pairs of socks.  I’m not a fan of slippers – or shoes in general – so I figured socks were a good medium.)
  • Coming home outfit (maxi skirt and tank top)
  • Nursing bra
  • Nursing tank
  • Pads (although I fully intend on taking advantage of the lady diapers they will give me at the hospital)
  • Tucks witch hazel pads
  • Dermaplast – the blue can (hoping the hospital will pass along another bottle, too!)
  • Robe (which can also be thrown away in the event of…ya know…BIRTH)
  • Lanolin, breast pads
  • pony tail holders, headbands, brush

For Him, specifically:

  • Two changes of clothes and jammies
  • ANDDDDDDDDDDDDD…that’s all he gets

For Baby:

  • Two coming home outfits:  one is an outfit A wore when he was a baby, so I REALLY REALLY REALLY hope it fits Raylan!  If not, we threw a 3 month onesie in there, too
  • Receiving blanket
  • Car seat


  • Boppy
  • Snacks (food is always on my mind)
  • Toiletries (we bought travel size of everything: shampoo, conditioner, body wash, face wash, a little loufah, toothbrushes, toothpaste, etc.  We wanted to be able to just toss it when we were done as opposed to worrying about leaving stuff at the hospital or at the house or whatever)

List of things to grab last minute (we made a sticky note list and stuck it to the bag to remember to grab a few last minute things before we head out):

  • Make-up (not my biggest priority, but mom promised to make sure I didn’t look haggard before people started snapping pictures)
  • Pillows (with colored pillow cases…I have been warned against white pillow cases, as they might get mistaken with hospital pillows)
  • Camera and charger
  • Phones and charger
  • Ipads (I think I might download a couple movies onto them)
  • Books (one for me, one for him)


Looking back over my list, it appears that I have packed an unholy shit ton of stuff.  But truthfully, everything (I mean, except the car seat and boppy, but that doesn’t count) fit into one suitcase!  I’m curious to know what items I will actually use and if I will wish I had anything else.  Look for another blog post in a few years when baby #2 comes around about my revised hospital bag! ;D

What did you pack in your hospital bag?



5 thoughts on “Time to get that bag packed!

  1. LOL, this post had me smiling so much! I love the way you described your ideal way of going into labor! 😛
    I packed less and less the more kids I had because I finally realized that all I TRULY needed to take with me were: my pillow, clothes for me and ONE outfit to take baby home in, toiletries, a camera, and notebook/pen and a few books/magazines to read. Oh, and the infant carseat. EVERYTHING else is provided by the hospital! They give out Tucks pads, diapers, lanolin, and all those other little necessities. 😀

    Can’t wait to read your birth story!

  2. I’m in the same boat in regards to your going into labour scenario! I’m 40 weeks today and keep thinking it will be peaceful and calm but I also swear like a mofo (prime example right there) so its not going to be so pretty

    I also packed ALOT for my stay and I just think being a first time mum you can’t help it. I just feel the need to have everything with me. In total I have 3 bags. I know that nuts but one bag is just for me, the other bag is for my partner and baby and I have a smaller bag full of snacks and drinks for me and my partner.

    The only other things that I packed that I didn’t see on your list is an old T-shirt for the actual labour. I grabbed one of my partners old shirts (actually grabbed 2) so will wear that when I’m labouring and secondly I’m taking my Ipod. Somehow in my head I’m thinking the music will calm me down. Lets hope so

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