Weekend Writing Challenge #1 – Iced Tea

My friend Valerie over at Atlanta Mom of Three has issued a writing challenge for bloggers!  Each week, she will post a picture.  It’s up to YOU to write a poem, essay, story…anything!…inspired by the picture in 200 words or less.  Awesome idea, huh?


Without further ado, this week’s picture is:

Photo Image Credit: MzScarlett / A.K.A. Michelle via photopin cc



My little Revenge

“And then, I told her, I said, ‘Did you even PUT on lotion?’  OH, the stretchmarks!  Did I mention I never got stretchmarks?”  she looks at me from across the porch and winks, as if I’m in on some kind of secret.  I chuckle awkwardly, thinking about the tiger stripes that have branded my body from boobs to thighs.  No amount of cocoa butter could have prepared my body to carry a little person for 9 months.  I push my rocker with my toe, and set myself to swinging, patting the dog’s head in my lap.

“Well, you know, she had twins.  I think we can cut her some slack,” I remark.

Her voice gets a little more shrill.  How did she wind up on my porch, again?! I think to myself.

“Get out of the dirt!” she shrieks across the yard at her son, 5, who is very actively digging up worms with the other neighborhood kids.  “Ugh, I swear, it’s like he does it to annoy me.”

“Get dirty?”  I ask, eyebrows raised.  Uh oh.  I can feel it.  I’m about to hulk out.  There it is, right under the surface of my skin.  I roll my shoulders and my inner beast begins to roar.  This self serving, mean spirited, hateful, bitc-

“Do you mind if I use your bathroom?” She bounces off the rocker and into my house before I can comment, skirting the dog with a grimace.  I stare at the space she vacated, her glass of iced tea sweating in the summer sun.

I close my eyes briefly.

And hear a slurping noise.

My eyes shoot open just in time to see a long, pink tongue scoop up an ice cube from the glass of iced tea.  With a dopey grin, the dog chomps happily on the ice, drool falling into the glass.  He runs into the yard, sufficiently cooled after his drink.

“So anyways, where was I?” She plops into her seat and picks up her glass.  “WHEW, it sure is hot today!” she says before taking a sip and sighing happily.



And there’s my submission for this week’s writing challenge!  Thanks Valerie!  That was a lot of fun 🙂  If you would also like to take part in Atlanta Mom of Three’s writing challenge, simply click here to go to her blog, read the instructions, and get to typing!



5 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Challenge #1 – Iced Tea

  1. Bahaha!! Love it. That kind of revenge is the best because no one *really* gets hurt. 😉
    Thanks for joining in, and I hope you come back next week!

    • haha, yeah, that was TOO fun to write ;D I will definitely be back next weekend to tackle that picture! Can’t wait! Your story was AMAZING. I made the mistake of reading yours first. hahahaha. Next weekend, I’m saving yours for dessert!

      • Thank you! It was crazy – I found that pic and loved it…thought it was so tranquil…and then I started writing and my mind went a TOTALLY different direction! 😛 I loved the process, though. I didn’t overthink it. 😀

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