37 Weeks Update

Happy 37 weeks (as of 6/9/2014) to me!

Here’s a little belly action from this morning’s doctor appointment:

My arms got pregnant, too.  Lame.

My arms got pregnant, too. Lame.

Speaking of the doctor, let’s start there, shall we!

>Tested positive for GBS (Group B Strep).  For those who aren’t familiar, GBS is a bacteria that can be found in the gastrointestinal tract.  It can also colonize in the vagina.  It effects anywhere from 10-30% of pregnancies, so it isn’t completely uncommon.  It is not a sexually transmitted disease, nor is it the same bacteria that causes strep throat (that’s Group A).  Because GBS can colonize in the vagina, a carrier of GBS can pass GBS onto their baby during the birthing process.  It is important to get tested for GBS between weeks 35-37.  Untreated, GBS can cause serious complications, such as hearing/vision loss, meningitis, paralysis, and sepsis to the baby.  BUT, DO NOT FRET.  All of those complications tend to be pretty rare.  The important thing to keep in mind if you are GBS positive is that you will need antibiotics during labor.  Most (like me) will scoot on over to the hospital at the first onset of labor or when their water breaks so they can begin their IV drip of antibiotics.  You need about a 4 hour window to get these antibiotics before baby arrives.  Some, who wish to labor longer at home, also have options, such as penicillin shots they can administer at home.  If you deliver a full term baby and do not encounter a fever during labor (or other telltale signs), there is an even smaller risk you will pass GBS onto your baby.  For information, check out some of the following links:

BabyCenter GBS

American Pregnancy

(GREAT LINK!) Mayo Clinic

>Dilation and Effacement:  Cervix still thick and a fingertip dilated.  If you follow my blog, you know that last week I was such a sad panda at the news that literally nothing was happening down there, BUT after finding out my husband will be out of the state while I’m 38 weeks pregnant, I’m not so sad anymore!

>Peeing in a cup…total crap shoot.

>I’m feeling pretty good, all things considering!  Sleep is a total no-go, but everything else is checking out alright!  (Although, I have a feeling this is due more to the fact that I’m used to being so uncomfortable, it doesn’t phase me anymore…)

Nothing else to report on the baby front!  It seems absolutely surreal that we are nearing the last couple weeks.  To be honest, I’m so tired of pregnancy and talking about pregnancy.  It’s boring.  We’ve been doing it for the past 9 months…I’m going mad.  Because of that, we spent the past weekend doing NOTHING baby related.  It was swell.  I definitely suggest to all my fellow pregnant ladies to take a break from the baby stuff!  I feel refreshed 😀




Weekend Writing Challenge #2 – Wind

EDIT:  I realize I’m a couple days late on this.  A and I spent the weekend doing NOTHING baby related and it was AWESOME!  More about that later 🙂


Time for Weekend Writing Challenge numero dos!  In case you missed it last week, Valerie over at Atlanta Mom of Three has posed a writing challenge for her fellow bloggers!  Each weekend, she posts a picture and it is up to you to create a 200 word piece of writing.  It’s a great way to practice those writing chops and expanding your blogging muscles!  Get in on the action!  Just include the picture and source in your post then head over to her blog and link up in the comments. This week’s post is all about WIND:


Photo Credit: smcgee via photopin cc

A Love Letter

Dear Julia,

It’s warm.  Which is a nice way of saying I could cook eggs on the dirt outside.  You know how the last time we took the truck down to that shady little spot by the river, we could see the heat rippling off the bank across the way?  I got the heat ripples, but I sure do miss that bikini you were wearing…the slight breeze reminds me of how your hair looks when the windows are rolled down.

I know it’s been a while since I last wrote, it’s just things have been pretty hectic.  Do you remember Big Jimmy?  You met him at the BBQ at Cindy’s house.  We sent him home last week.  You’re going to need to go over to Rebecca’s house…it isn’t good…she’ll need the support.  IED.  And Tim will probably head home in a couple weeks.  Do what you can to prepare Janice and the kids.  He hasn’t been dealing well with the injuries.

Thanks for holding it down back home, baby.  Love on the little one extra for me.  I still can’t believe I missed his first steps.  I’ll see you soon.


Your Soldier

P.s.  Go outside.  Feel that?  The wind carries my kisses to you.


Check back next week for Weekend Writing Challenge #3!

The Bad Timing Fairy

I haven’t talked at any length of being a military spouse, although I am.  My husband is an intelligence officer in the United States Air Force and I am madly, deeply, head over hills in love with him.

I remember the day we “made it official” and began dating, he said to me, “I want to make sure that you understand that I want to be in the military.  Not just that, but I want to be an officer.  And I plan on making it a career.”

I responded, “yeah, I know…so…we dating now?”

And the rest is history.  (We’re romantic like that.)

The Air Force has taken REALLY good care of us.  I mean, REALLY GOOD care of us.  We have met amazing people and although there are some challenges (we moved three times in the past year and a half), we have always tackled each dilemma and come out stronger in the end.

Recently, however, the Bad Timing Fairy (other military wives might be familiar with this bitch) has bestowed upon us a gift!

A TDY the week before I’m due.

For those who do not know, a TDY is basically a little detour of sorts, a temporary duty station.  Lucky for us, the TDY is only a week.  Unfortunately, it is a week before the due date.

I’m not angry or disappointed, because that’s life in the fast lane, ya know?  But…I do feel like everything has come to a standstill, pregnancy wise.  I’m terrified to walk too much.  Keep that pineapple away from me!  That recipe for labor inducing cupcakes?  NO THANK YOU.  Sex?  HA.  Spicy food?  Well…a little, but only because I’m a spicy food addict.

SOOOOO, while I was consumed with all encompassing disappointment at my previous check up that revealed there was NO cervical action and baby hadn’t dropped yet, now I am TERRIFIED that at my next appointment, Doc will let me know things are finally starting to move.  I need my little dude to stay snuggled up for as long as he can.  I can’t imagine how my husband would feel missing the birth of his first child.

Come to think of it, I can’t imagine how I will feel if I have to drive myself to the hospital…Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Everything happens for a reason!  And, it could always be worse.  He is only gone for a week and staying stateside.  That ain’t nothing in the grand scheme of things!  I feel like I’m putting an awful lot of pressure on a poor little baby who isn’t even in the world yet, but…he only has two jobs:  roll around every once in a while so I know you’re cool…and stay in until Daddy gets back.

36 Week Bump Update

Alright, alright, alright (be sure to say that in Matthew McConaughey’s voice) 36 weeks (6/2/2014)!

How about a hurried bathroom belly pic?

photo (10)

NOW, a quick run down on symptoms, feelings, and the rest:

>Ouch.  This baby growing business is a tad bit  painful!  All the typical baby stuff: hips hurt, internal organs are taking a beating, vag feels like it was hit with a baseball bat…but hey, I got that pregnant glow, right?!  (Wrong…it’s acne.)

>Still madly in love with all of the rolling, punching, kicking, and baby moves, even when I pee myself because he head butts my bladder

>Craving ice and fruit…combine that shit into a Popsicle, and I’m in pregnant lady heaven!

>HOLY MOOD SWINGS, BATMAN.  One second, I’m so in love with my husband that I just want to lay in his lap and stare at his face…but ask again in an hour or so, and I promise you I’ve lost that loving feeling and it has been replaced by something much less tender.  During my lucid and decent moments, I apologize for my behavior.  During my rage, I quietly seethe and plot his demise.  I’m not proud, but I want to be sure to share this in case anybody else is also suffering.  You aren’t alone!!  Can’t wait to pop out this kid and return to some kind of hormnal normalcy in the next few months.


Today, I had my first – I like to call them INVASIVE – exams.  It wasn’t bad.  It hurt, but doc has dainty hands and even apologized, bless her heart.  ANYWAYS, my crotch HURTS.  So I have been anticipating a joyous call of, “Great, we’re a centimeter dilated and 50% effaced!  Looks like things are starting to move along!”  Surely all of this pain and discomfort is not without cause!  Instead, I got, “hmmmmmmm, you have a tight pelvis…yeah, I’m thinking we will go over this due date…it’s going to be a long month.”  He is clammed up in there like a 40 year old in his mom’s basement.  Not even a little dilated or effaced.

My face…


But that’s ok!  I will just keep fighting the good fight!  He still has a few weeks of cooking to do, anyways.  In the meantime, doc suggested a few tricks to help things start to move.  We’ll see how it goes!


P.S.  Look how sweet my tank is!

photo (11)

My sister-in-law is stay at home mom and wife to an army major.  She operates her own monogramming business (although she does WAY more than monogramming!).  In any case, this beauty, plus several onesies and another tank, were gifted to me at our baby shower.  I will make another post to show you the onesies, they are GORGEOUS.  If you are interested in looking into her products or contacting her, check out her facebook by clicking HERE.  If you are interested in no slip, customized, head bands, click HERE.