36 Week Bump Update

Alright, alright, alright (be sure to say that in Matthew McConaughey’s voice) 36 weeks (6/2/2014)!

How about a hurried bathroom belly pic?

photo (10)

NOW, a quick run down on symptoms, feelings, and the rest:

>Ouch.  This baby growing business is a tad bit  painful!  All the typical baby stuff: hips hurt, internal organs are taking a beating, vag feels like it was hit with a baseball bat…but hey, I got that pregnant glow, right?!  (Wrong…it’s acne.)

>Still madly in love with all of the rolling, punching, kicking, and baby moves, even when I pee myself because he head butts my bladder

>Craving ice and fruit…combine that shit into a Popsicle, and I’m in pregnant lady heaven!

>HOLY MOOD SWINGS, BATMAN.  One second, I’m so in love with my husband that I just want to lay in his lap and stare at his face…but ask again in an hour or so, and I promise you I’ve lost that loving feeling and it has been replaced by something much less tender.  During my lucid and decent moments, I apologize for my behavior.  During my rage, I quietly seethe and plot his demise.  I’m not proud, but I want to be sure to share this in case anybody else is also suffering.  You aren’t alone!!  Can’t wait to pop out this kid and return to some kind of hormnal normalcy in the next few months.


Today, I had my first – I like to call them INVASIVE – exams.  It wasn’t bad.  It hurt, but doc has dainty hands and even apologized, bless her heart.  ANYWAYS, my crotch HURTS.  So I have been anticipating a joyous call of, “Great, we’re a centimeter dilated and 50% effaced!  Looks like things are starting to move along!”  Surely all of this pain and discomfort is not without cause!  Instead, I got, “hmmmmmmm, you have a tight pelvis…yeah, I’m thinking we will go over this due date…it’s going to be a long month.”  He is clammed up in there like a 40 year old in his mom’s basement.  Not even a little dilated or effaced.

My face…


But that’s ok!  I will just keep fighting the good fight!  He still has a few weeks of cooking to do, anyways.  In the meantime, doc suggested a few tricks to help things start to move.  We’ll see how it goes!


P.S.  Look how sweet my tank is!

photo (11)

My sister-in-law is stay at home mom and wife to an army major.  She operates her own monogramming business (although she does WAY more than monogramming!).  In any case, this beauty, plus several onesies and another tank, were gifted to me at our baby shower.  I will make another post to show you the onesies, they are GORGEOUS.  If you are interested in looking into her products or contacting her, check out her facebook by clicking HERE.  If you are interested in no slip, customized, head bands, click HERE.

4 thoughts on “36 Week Bump Update

  1. I love your updates : ) Yeah- I am totally with you on the husband thing…hoping he puts up with me just as well when the baby comes cause I don’t see hormones getting better for at least a couple months..and by hormones I mean patience and over all b*tch tendencies. Any good tricks to get baby in place?

    • My OB is a fan of walking and breast massage/nipple stimulation! I haven’t tried the nipple stimulation yet, although I have been reading about it. You can do it manually or with a breast pump. I’m going to wait until 39 weeks until I start trying anything, though. I figure little man will come when he’s ready!

  2. My OB likes the whole walking thing (she suggested spending a few hours at the mall and just walk walk walk!) and nipple stimulation/breast massage. I have been reading about methods using a breast pump, so I think I might try it once we hit the 39 week mark!

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