Back from hiatus!

My, my, my, it has been a while!  Sorry for the absence!  As life regains a sense of normalcy, I hope to return to my blogging glory!  (Ok, maybe not glory…).  

But I digress…

My last post was a chronicle of my 37th week of pregnancy, in which not much happened and I was still very very pregnant.

My 38th week was much like the 37th.  Not a whole lot going on except that Raylan was still sideways and sunny side up.  He was not coming down at all and my pelvis was locked up tight as a drum.  Still very pregnant with no end in sight, I was sleeping with approximately 100 pillows, and dizzy spells became a daily recurrence.

photo 1 (1)


At 39 weeks, I was feeling cautiously optimistic when I went to my doctor’s appointment if for no other reason than I knew this baby had to come out soon.  I was still closed up and he was not going anywhere.  Now, we had a decision to make.  As doc palpated and fisted (really is no other word for it) and all the rest, it became pretty clear that my pelvis was not doing what it was supposed to be doing, which is open up wide enough for a human to crawl out.  Generally, this really isn’t an issue, as baby’s come when they please and typically your body does what it needs to do, whether weeks beforehand or at the last second.  The problem was that Raylan was wedged into my hip bone and could not move out of it.  The fear was that he would spend the next few weeks growing and growing and then really get stuck, at which point labor would be traumatic for him and a vaginal delivery would not be in my future.  Doc suggested we induce at 40 weeks.  The hope was that contractions would be just enough to jostle Raylan into the birth canal.  I agreed.  We had a plan!  My appointment was on Wednesday, June 25th.  My induction was set to begin Sunday at midnight, June 30th.


39 weeks with my butter bean...well, maybe more a watermelon...

39 weeks with my butter bean…well, maybe more a watermelon…


And thus ends the pregnant adventures!  Stay tuned for what happened next…here’s a little sneak peak…



9 thoughts on “Back from hiatus!

  1. I have been checking my dang feed every day waiting to see this precious face!!! Lol he’s absolutely adorable 🙂 can’t wait to hear the rest!

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