Raylan’s Birth Story

June 29th…Sunday night was a blur.  My parents and inlaws were in town and after a celebratory supper, the inlaws headed to their hotel and my parents headed to our house…it was almost show time!

There was some debate about getting some sleep, but that was laughable.  The knowledge that in the next 24 hours, everything would be changing does not exactly make for a restful experience.  A quick shower, some cuddling on the couch, and soon it was time to go.  We arrived at the hospital just short of midnight and the race was on!

June 30th (40 weeks pregnant)…After we checked in and I changed into a glamorous hospital gown, we kicked off the induction process with a bit of cervix softening.  Pills were inserted about 12:30 and mom and A got as comfy as they could on the couch and rocking chair while I “lounged” in the bed hooked up to approximately 250 monitors.  Minor cramping began a few hours later, sometime while I was tending to my Sims on my ipad (I know, I know, I should have been sleeping…whoops) and at 6:30am, the nurses started pitocin.

Within the next hour and a half, my mucus plug had left the building and I was dilated to a 3…where I would stay for a while.  Contractions were coming good and strong, but super irregular.  There seemed to be no rhyme or reason to them.  While each contraction was strong, they were oddly spaced…some would come right on top of each other without a break for 3 or 4 in a row, and then I would go 10 minutes before another one.  Every so often, my pitocin was upped, although I would never be able to go past a 10.

After Doc broke my water (sweet baby Jesus, that experience deserves its own blog post…) and stretched me to a soft 4cm (this will be part of the water breaking post….you have been warned), we hoped things would move more quickly.  Unfortunately, this would not be the case.

When the pitocin began, we immediately noticed that baby boy was experiencing heart decells with each contraction.  As we upped the pitocin, the decells became stronger, dipping into the 90s and a few times the 80s.  In addition, when my water was broken, there was a bit of meconium in the water.  The doctor assured me there was not enough to cause any kind of emergency, but that it would be something we would monitor closely.  Because of all of this, it wasn’t long after noon (at which point I also got my epidural), that we had to stop the use of pitocin and let the contractions continue naturally.

Nurses streamed in and out for the next several hours, I was hooked up to oxygen and turned over (a feat difficult in itself as both legs were DEAD from the epidural) every 10 minutes or so as we tracked Raylan’s heartbeat.  That part was hard.  Much harder than the contractions or the water breaking or the rest of it.  We would listen to his heartbeat soar and sink, soar and sink.  I was scared for my little boy.  He was not dealing with labor very well and as such, neither was I.

Finally, at 5:20 pm or so, the nurse came in and informed us we would be doing a csection.  He had to come out now.  We had pushed him as far as we could.  I cried.  I was scared, it had been a long day, and I was overwhelmed with the knowledge that he would be here very soon.  They only allowed one person in the operating room, so mom couldn’t go, but A was there in his scrubs, with the camera slung over his shoulder.

I was immediately prepped and wheeled into the operating room.  My epidural was removed and a spinal block was inserted.  I think the specifics of the csection would best be suited in another blog post, as well…In any case, not 10 minutes after being laid down on the table, I heard gusty screams that could mean nothing other than Raylan James was officially in the world.  The swept him away and my husband went with him while the doctors continued to work on me.  After he was cleaned and wrapped up, they brought him to me.  It was surreal.  I rubbed his sweet little face for the first time with a shaking hand (partly due to emotions, but mostly because of the effects of the spinal block and hormone dump) and he was whisked away again, this time to our little room to await me.

Once I was sewn and taped back together, I was rolled to another bed, propped up, and taken back to the little room I had labored in all day.  My baby was handed to me and that was it.  The reason for my existence.

Raylan James

Born June 30th at 5:41 pm, 6 lbs and 18.5 inches.

First family picture :)

First family picture 🙂

Just an hour or so old

Just an hour or so old

2 days old

2 days old


I think we ALL do this after a good meal ;D

I think we ALL do this after a good meal ;D

Today, 2 weeks old (7/14/14)

Today, 2 weeks old (7/14/14)


6 thoughts on “Raylan’s Birth Story

  1. I’ve been waiting for this!! Good freaking job!!!!! You deserve (I’d say an award- but that’s lame) something for all you went through- well, you did get an adorable little boy I guess. He is so precious and perfect. Congrats!! So happy to see you as a Mom!! Looks good on you 🙂

  2. He is so absolutely precious! I’m sorry you had a bit of a rough labor (Okay, a very rough time of it), but SO glad that it’s over and that now you can have fun being a mom!!!! 🙂

    • All in all, it could have definitely been worse! Epidurals are magic, even with the dead legs haha 😉 And I agree, he is too adorable! I have a feeling that will work in his advantage TOO well in the future… ;D

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