About the Clawsons


Hello and welcome!  In case you were wondering who on earth was doing all of this random mumbling, ranting, cooking, and taking dog pictures…here we are!  The Clawsons!

Our journey began my freshmen year of college when we met through a mutual family friend/member.  Since then, it has been one hell of a ride:  one graduation from The University of Alabama (me), one graduation from Texas A&M University (him), one Air Force Officer commissioning, one stint in flight school, one intelligence school graduation, four cities, three states, I don’t even want to count how many apartments, two mutts, one pregnancy, one elementary school gig, one high school gig…the list goes on!


Some of it hasn’t been great…a tornado, a very sick puppy dog, a lot of moving and saying bye to family and friends…


But most of it?  Well, it has been a fairy tale.  (That is if fairy tales included Saturday night boot scootin’, hiking while your keys are locked in the car, discovering that whiskey in a slurpee is life changing, binge watching Chopped on Food Network, and traveling, traveling, traveling!  MY fairy tale totally includes all of these things.)


Currently, we are stationed at Barksdale AFB in Shreveport, Louisiana.  I teach high school English (juniors and seniors if you can believe it) and drama.  We are proud parents to two rescue pups, Chloe and Hank, and are currently pregnant with our first baby!  As I type this in my jammies at lunch time (hey, it’s Christmas break for this teach), I am just shy of 15 weeks.

My hope is that this blog reflects us, The Clawsons, and our silly adventures.



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