Happy 1 Month!

It’s bizarre to think that at exactly this moment (4:13 pm) one month ago, I was pregnant.

It is also bizarre to think that in that moment, one month ago, I was only an hour and a half away from giving birth.

At this moment, one month ago, I could only guess at the happiness and overwhelming love I was an hour and a half away from feeling.

Here’s to my baby boy!  You are our greatest adventure.

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Raylan James

Growth:  At one month old, Raylan weighs 8 lbs 12 oz, which is way up from his birth of 6 lbs even! (5 lbs 9 oz when we left the hospital).  At last check, he was 19.75 inches long, up from 18.5 at birth.  He is in the 25th percentile for height and weight, but that melon head?  95%th percentile!  He has moved up to size 1 diapers and is still in newborn clothes (although I feel we might be about at the end of our ability to squeeze into such tiny onesies).

Looks:  He looks JUST like his daddy.  But he has my lips.  ;D  His eyes have turned mostly brown, but they are still ringed with dark blue.  Hair wise, we are rocking a good bit of light brown hair around the sides and back, but there isn’t too much going on at the top.  And today, we discovered a birth mark!  At first, I thought it was a bit of trauma and bruising from birth, as most of the back of his head was bruised (poor buddy) but I mentioned it at the pediatrician today, and she said it was a birth mark!  It rests at the base of his skull, where his head meets his neck.  It is red in color and I’m madly in love with it.  ;D

Firsts/Milestones:  So many firsts in this first month…first BREATH, first feeding, first car ride, first diaper change, etc etc etc.  He loves to stare at people’s eyes and his grip is getting stronger and more coordinated!  He can mostly hold his head up.

Sleep:  At night, Raylan sleeps 2.5 to 3.5 hours before he is up and ready to rumba!  Really though, he goes back to sleep pretty easily.  I have been noticing that recently, however, feeding is becoming difficult at night.  He arches his back and while he doesn’t cry or scream, he shakes his head from side to side as though trying to shake out the bottle, even though he is hungry.  When he is done eating, I’ve noticed he sounds congested.  The pediatrician diagnosed it as reflux and we start our zantac tonight.  I’m hoping it makes him more comfortable and he is able to sleep better!  During the day, our naps are pretty scattered.  In the past week, I have made an effort to put him down for naps in his crib.  We’ll see how that goes…

Food:  We have moved completely to formula and are eating about 3 oz every 3 hours or so.

Language:  This kid is NOISY.  He grunts, coos, moans, babbles, sighs and every other baby noise you could possibly think of.

Likes:  He loves holding onto fingers, sucking on his pacifier, cuddling with mom and dad, tummy time on the bobby, being held chest to chest so he can look around, bouncing on the exercise ball, and going for walks in the carrier!

Dislikes:  He is not a fan of red lights, stop signs, or traffic because that means the car stops…and he does not like it when the car stops.



Life with a newborn – Day 17

Little baby is 17 days old and what a 17 days it has been!  So far, things have been going pretty well!  At least…I think they are.  I mean, I’m a first time mom and flying by the seat of my pants, but everybody in the house is still alive, so I say HELL YEAH, things are going AWESOME!

One thing I find surprising about this whole thing is how…ok, I’m going to use the word “easy” and people will look at this blog post like I’m crazy, but really…I’m surprised at how easy it has been to settle into this weird and wonderful new life.  Yeah, sometimes Raylan cries, and I have no idea what to do (in these instances, I basically just cycle through all the go to things…we eat, bounce, walk, burp, change diaper, pop in a pacifier..still crying?…REPEAT!!) and diapers leak and everybody nearby has to change their clothes (scariest part about caring for a newborn?  Squeezing a onesie over their soft little melon heads…really), but all of that is just newborn stuff.  If you didn’t expect to be exhausted or you’re mad because you have to carry an extra shirt for yourself in your purse, then I don’t know what you were expecting.

But for us…for me…it’s been…well…easy(ish).  It’s been a smooth(ish) transition.  It feels natural to wipe his little bottom and bounce around the bedroom until he stops crying.

My fear is that the harder parts are coming.  But when/if they do, we’ll handle it the best we know how.  Because that’s what parents do.  And I will just continue to pretend like I have a clue what’s going on.

ANYWAYS, let’s check in with Raylan at 2 weeks old!

Baby’s Stats:  We headed to the doctor on Wednesday for his two week check up.  At birth, Raylan was 6lbs even and 18.5 inches.  Just two weeks and some change later, he is clocking in at 7lbs 5oz and 19.75 inches!  I’m overjoyed he is growing like a little weed…I’m also desperately sad he is growing like a little weed. hahaha, I cannot be pleased!  I will say, having such a little baby has offered some challenges, so there is a certain peace of mind and ease offered just because he is a little bigger, physically.

Eating:  Due to a whole host of problems (another blog post, another day), we are pumping and supplementing using bottles.  I can’t see the pumping lasting too much longer.  I was very sad about it at first, but now I’m mostly relieved.  In any case, Raylan is eating about 2oz every 2 hours or so.  Recently, he has been requesting more after a feed (hunger cues: sucking on hands, whining, rooting, holding face) and I will offer another ounce.

Clothes:  Newborn sizes!  It will be another couple weeks, at least, before we move up, I believe.  I wasn’t prepared for having such a tiny baby, so we basically run through the same 10 newborn onesies because I refuse to buy more.

Diapers:  Newborn size and target brand!  We received pampers swaddlers from the hospital but after a few days, we noticed that suddenly he was leaking like a boat with a hole.  We finished up with the packs we were given and while on a target run, snagged some more diapers.  They work great so far!  I am a little concerned, though, because we have a shit ton (an exact measurement, I know) of pampers swaddlers in sizes 1-3, and if they leak as well, that will not work.

Sleep:  Recently, napping alone hasn’t been such a success during the day.  He really likes to be held, which I don’t mind at all (I hate doing the dishes anyways, I really didn’t need an excuse to not do them) so most daytime naps occur in my arms.  At night, he typically sleeps anywhere from 2-3 hours.  Not terrible, but I’m looking forward to longer stretches!  Generally, he is pretty easy to be put down, as long as he is full and dry.

Routine:  Daytime is a total crapshoot.  I just do whatever Raylan wants when he wants.  We feed on demand, do diaper changes after every feed (and sometimes before), and we nap after diaper changes (or try to).  I’m enjoying that he is more aware and having longer awake periods, though!  I could stare into his eyes for hours.  (Why yes, my husband does all the cleaning.)  As far as nighttime goes, we bathe around 8:30, put on a diaper, get lotioned up, have a bottle, get dressed and swaddled, a little bit of snuggle time and then he goes in the bassinet on his pack and play, which is currently in our room.

My thoughts/emotions:  The first week of little boy’s life, I was a mess.  Baby blues hit me hard.  Mostly, I was so overwhelmed with how much I loved my little man and the kindness of my family (my mom specifically) in the week after his birth, that I was just a weepy, sad little thing.  I’m feeling much better now!  As he gets a little bigger and I get more confident in myself and my husband, I am finding that each day I wake up a little less weepy than the day before.

Mom’s Stats:  AIIGHT, I’M ABOUT TO AIR ALL MY DIRTY LAUNDRY.  LET THIS SERVE AS A WARNING TO YOU.  I gained 40 pounds.  Which isn’t TERRIBLE.  (But it’s mostly donut weight.)  The problem is, I wasn’t a spring chicken when I started, and truthfully needed to lose 20 pounds before getting pregnant.  So the math there is 60 pounds.  SWEET LORD, 60 POUNDS.  60 pounds that sometime in the next year or so need to vacate my body.  So far, I’m down about 25 pounds, which leaves 35 pounds or so.  I’m feeling pretty good, csection wise.  There is still some tenderness and I will get a sharp pain if I move a little too crazy, but it’s not bad at all and I haven’t taken any pain meds for a week.  I’m really looking forward to being cleared for exercise!  I’m not huge into working out, but if you had a flabby tummy like this, you would want to hop on a treadmill, too.


And that’s that!  Here’s to another week of having no idea what I’m doing but pretending I do!