Maternity pictures have arrived!

The edited, completed, AWESOME pictures have arrived! ¬†Here’s a few of my favorites ūüôā

Clawson_1006 Clawson_1007 Clawson_1013 Clawson_1015 Clawson_1024 Clawson_1025 Clawson_1028 Clawson_1030 Clawson_1031 Clawson_1032 Clawson_1034


28 weeks – Hey, Third Trimester!

SOOOO…the past week was hectic. ¬†Getting back from Spring Break and dealing with everything that comes with the end of the semester drawing nearer…I totally missed doing an update at 27 weeks. ¬†But…all answers would have been the same. ¬†We are some pretty consistent folks ūüėČ


How far along?¬†28 weeks! ¬†It is absolutely mind boggling that I’m already in third trimester. ¬†Although, when I think that I new I was pregnant in October…suddenly, it feels like I have been pregnant forever and ever and ever.

Gender:¬†a mama’s boy, absolutely

Maternity clothes?¬† Yes, and anything stretchy! ¬†I can’t wait for summer break…this teacher is ready to throw her work clothes to the curb.

Stretch marks? Every time I take a breath, a new one pops up.  

Sleep: ¬†Pretty terrible. ¬†I think primarily the issue comes with how ridiculously taxing it is to move/roll over…plus, my hips are NOT a fan of laying on their sides.

Movement: HE MOVES SO MUCH THAT MY 3D/4D ULTRASOUND WAS A TOTAL FAIL.  I knew he was a busy bee in there, but he spent the entirety of the ultrasound rolling around and punching the little doppler.  We have a redo in a couple weeks.

Food cravings: Mexican.  Always.

What I Miss?  Alcohol.

Symptoms? ¬†My fingers have started swelling a bit…exhaustion has returned…and generally achiness.

Best moment this week: ¬†Seeing my parents. ¬†Poor things drove 7 hours just to watch Raylan perform cartwheels and then drove back. ¬†But it is always a joy seeing my parents ūüôā
Looking forward to:¬†Maternity pictures! ¬†We have our sweet photographer all booked and ready to go! ¬†I can’t wait! ¬†We went with Elaine Pierce and after speaking with her, I could not more happier with our choice!