When Raylan was 5 days old…

…we got his newborn pictures taken!  It was our first trip out of the house, and even though we didn’t leave base and the photographer’s house was only 15 minutes away, I remember how surreal it felt to drive around with a kid in the backseat.  (That trip home from the hospital had me evil eyeballing everybody in case they drove a little too feisty for my taste.)

We loaded up, headed over, and unloaded.  The back two inches or so of my feet hung out of my flip flops because they were so swollen (WATER RETENTION FROM HELL – they do not warn you in those baby books that if you are in labor for any extended period of time while at the hospital, they will PUMP you up with as much fluids as they can – my leg/foot swelling didn’t go down for two weeks!  It felt like walking on mushrooms…), I was rocking the muumuus because they didn’t touch my csection incision, and my hair was a hot mess, but how excited I was as I wobbled up the stairs to the photographer’s little studio!

Raylan was dressed in puppy pjs with buttons down the front for easy access and was sleeping off a full tummy…we had timed it perfectly!  Chalk up a victory for the parents because 9 times out of 10, Raylan is the winner.  In any case, we got into her studio (a little room in her house that was heated to feel like the surface of the sun, swear to God) and the photographer cuddled and loved on little man until, an hour or so later, we had HANDS DOWN the most gorgeous and amazing pictures that have ever been taken.  I realize of course that I am absurdly biased.

Check out some of our favorite pictures from our little baby’s photoshoot!  HUGE thanks to Daydreamer Photography by Carissa for capturing this special moment in our child’s life.

IMGP4826-1 IMGP4833-2 IMGP4836-2 IMGP4842-1 IMGP4851-1 IMGP4852-2 IMGP4867-1 IMGP4868-1(1) IMGP4870-2 IMGP4877-1 IMGP4878-1 IMGP4882-1 IMGP4884-2 IMGP4890-1 IMGP4894-1 IMGP4907-1 IMGP4914-1


I love love love my snuggly baby 🙂